We provide bespoke spirit and service training sessions for the hospitality industry and for any connaiseur. Our host trains your crew in the complexities of distilled spirits and hospitality service. Your hospitality business will benefit from expanding your servers’ knowledge, enable them to recognize up-sell moments and provide service that exceeds guests expectations. It is important to note that Old Spirits Lab is an independent player and does not represent any particulair brand.

Basic Spirit Training
What is the difference between an armagnac and a cognac or a tequila and mezcal? Why are some spirits great as an aperitif while others are better as a digestif? We provide knowledge on the basics of spirits including;  ingredients, distillation processes & maceration. It is also possible to have us select the drams from our own private stash for an additional fee.

Advanced Spirit and Service Training
A complimentary meeting is provided to identify your needs and tailor a specialized training program. How can your servers make the best impeccable suggestions for your guests and maximise guest appreciation? We provide in-depth knowledge about spirits so servers can guide customers and skillfully appeal the customer’s palate.Participants will receive comprehensive instruction by our team specialist on spirit knowledge, deductive tasting and proper service techniques. Hands-on serving practice is provided through interactive role-playing.

Please contact Old Spirits Lab Amsterdam for details.